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Sponsorship Loyalty
for business

Returns on Sponsorship?

For too long sponsorship has been a donation, brand awareness or just goodwill to the community. Until now sponsors have had no idea if they receive any return on their investment.

Enter Get Chatty’s Sponsorship Loyalty Program which provides a platform for clubs to record their members’ spend with your business and send you reports of the support they are providing you.

Build Relationships

The Sponsorship Loyalty Program (SLP) encourages club members to buy from Sponsors’ businesses by running regular prize draws based on their spend with sponsors.

The clubs can send expenditure reports to sponsors to show the return the sponsor is receiving. The open and honest reporting of expenditure builds long term relationships between clubs and sponsors.

“Kick-start your conversations with sponsors with a unique program that actually benefits them”

Sponsor's Dashboard

Want to see live data from any club you sponsor? Register for a 100% free dashboard that reports every logged sale with your business. The dashboard allows you to verify sales from each club and lets you determine where you receive the best return for your sponsorship.

In your dashboard use the downloadable flyer to introduce clubs to the Sponsorship Loyalty Program. You can choose to sponsor clubs in the SLP or not, there are no conditions attached to the SLP.

Register for your Dashboard now – it’s free!

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