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Ramblers recognised by ORSR

The Coromandel Valley Ramblers located in the southern Adelaide foothills are a cricket club comprising of about 150 members from both Junior & Senior Cricket streams. In 2020 the Ramblers joined Get Chatty & implemented our Sponosorship Loyalty Program across the club. Driven by sponsorship manager Nick Work, the club saw an exponential growth in sponsorship revenue and quantity of sponsors. 6 to 36 sponsors & a 900% increase in revenue was the final result. Providing local businesses with a quantifiable return on their investment has proven to be a critical point of difference for the Ramblers when approaching sponsors in the local area. The Ramblers we recognised by the Office of Recreation, Sport & Racing as a Club of the Future for their intuitive take on Healthy Club Finances. Want to achieve results like the Ramblers?

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