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Sponsorship Loyalty


Quantify for Success

We identified that there was no way to show sponsors of community organisations the support your club members give them.

We created a solution to quantify & report on transactions at sponsors to reassure them that their financial support of your club is beneficial for their business.

Our Proven Process

A club member, family member or friend visits a sponsor and makes a purchase for their goods or services.

Key data is collected by recording their purchase through our Chat-bot or simple web interface & displayed in your own dashboard.

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Reward Loyalty

The Sponsorship Loyalty Program is underpinned by frequent club draws where spend with sponsors is rewarded with entries  in your prize draws. This rewards patronage of members at your club sponsors.

Our integrated spinning wheel ignites competition amongst your members and brings excitement to club events.

Build Relationships

“Deliver a quantifiable return on investment for sponsors by tracking member spending in a dashboard where you can create PDF reports to email your sponsors.

Build long term relationships with sponsors through transparent reporting.

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